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Tier A-B Credit Scores Best Terms and Best Rates

We at Bowling Motors & RV Sales Inc. work with a wide a variety of banks and lenders locally and nationally, that specialize in RV loans.  Our lenders offer the best rates available and long term financing up to 240 months and 90 day deferred payments.  Customers with excellent credit can get approved with minimum money down and the lowest rates available. Rates are at a 30 year low, now is the best time to purchase your new or pre-owned RV.

Take advantage of the 2nd home interest deduction. That is right YOUR  RV does qualify for a 2nd home deduction! Some stipulations are required talk to one our sales representatives or your professional accountant for more details.

For more information concerning financing
Call today at 800-246-5497!

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Tier C-Below Credit Scores Credit Challenged

Bowling Motors & RV Sales Inc. specializes in helping those with bad credit, poor credit and below average credit. We work with a wide variety of banks and lenders that have several programs in place to help those who are credit challenged.

Don't be afraid to come in and talk to us or call if you've been credit challenged due to Bankruptcies, Foreclosure, Collections, Medical bills, Divorce, Tax liens or any other issues.  You don't need perfect or good credit to get financing at Bowling Motors RV Sales Inc. Contact us or fill out our online application form to find out if you qualify immediately. Filling out the credit form means you can fill it out in the privacy of your home and not in the dealership if that would work out better for you.

Proof of full time employment may be required (WW 2's and recent paystubs) Proof of residence (utility bill). Bankruptcies accepted with proof of discharge.

We at Bowling Motors &RV Sales Inc. know that life is not certain and problems crop up unexpectedly. Give us a chance to get YOU approved so you can start camping TODAY!

For more information concerning financing
Call today at 800-246-5497!

 Apply Here!

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